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Juliet Rose Gallery is the heartbeat of two women. Juliet Bacchas from Jamaica, and Linda Spelko from Massachusetts. Together they bring you a slice of New England with the spice of Jamaica.

Juliet's heritage brings forth her talents in the area of slab building and African Coiling. Her pottery forms are bold and full of daring angles and curves. Her love of the bald eagle is evident as her forms seem to soar and dance with the wind.

Linda has found that traditional does not have to be traditional. She takes great delight in taking forms and altering them to create new and refreshing looks for her pottery.

The friendship of these two women is evident, as is their love of clay, together their work compliments the other. Their gallery features works from local artists as well as artists from Jamaica. Their goal is to foster relationships between two different countries, and give artists the opportunity to exhibit in Jamaica, as well as Jamaicans to exhibit locally. The Gallery is a Fine Art Gallery, and strives to present a custom blend of ceramics, paintings, sculpture, weaving, photography, and jewelry.

Owners Linda Spelko and Juliet Bacchas celebrate over ten years of their annual Juliet Rose Pottery Gallery & Studio exhibit and sale with self guided tours through their peaceful gardens filled with ceramic artwork in Monson!

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Blessings. Juliet and Linda

From our hearts to you…

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