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The Studio

Our studio is situated within the heart of nature itself. Located on an 1855 farm property in Monson, Massachusetts. Our work space and entire studio have brought much joy to us and to travelers and visitors alike. Knowing that it has gifted the hearts and soul of others  truly makes us happy. All are welcome regardless of your level of clay knowledge or experience.

Independent Open Studio

This option is for the experienced....… The studio can be rented for $10 p/hour and pay for  firings as you go. Clay is purchased from the studio. This option allows you work on your own without supervision or tutoring.

Open Studio is available Monday - Saturday, 8 am-9 pm.

Call 413-569-9741 or email us to make arrangements.

Private Classes

$50.00 p/hour. comes with 5 lbs of clay. Pay for firings as you go and clay can be purchased from the studio.

Class is scheduled at your convenience.

Call 413-569-9741 or email us to schedule private classes.

4 Week Classes

1 class p/week. Classes are 2 hours and include 25 lbs. of clay: $300.00 Pay for firings as you go. Clay may be purchased from the studio no make-up classes.

Call 413-569-9741 or email us to join our classes.

Juliet Rose Pottery Studio…Where beautiful things happen!

Our studio is situated within the heart of nature itself. Located on an

1855 farm property which is owned by Linda and John Spelko. We are

surrounded by lush woods, the natural life of deer, fox, birds, guinea

hens, chickens, cats, dog and a horse named Rayzel. The studio building

first started as a barn, merged into a graphic studio and then into a

guesthouse. In 2002, with the help of John and friends the guest house

was transformed to our gallery space and an additional space was built

for the studio. This new space served as hand-building area, wheel

throwing area, kiln room, workshops, classes and so much more. We have

big beautiful windows for perfect views of our gardens and woods, It's

an artist dream!........Today, most of the gallery space is used by

Linda and Juliet as their work space, while the new space is utilized

by their Studio Associates; Maureen Solomon, Sue James, Tim Denney and

Diana Hague.

Our Studio is open to the public for workshops such as Raku Firings....

which are twice a year which is done outdoors. African Coiling workshops

are ongoing.

Welcome to our studio located at 191 Reimers Road in Monson, Massachusetts. Call 413-569-9741 or email us.

Our pottery is available for sale at our studio in Monson, MA, Salmon Falls Gallery in Shelburne Falls, MA, The A.E. Backus Museum, in Fort Pierce, FL and soon will be available at The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsman, in Lancaster, PA.  Email Us for more information.

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